Chesapeake Bay Bracelet, Skipjack, Sterling Silver, Topaz, Pearl and Ruby

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Chesapeake Bay Bracelet Sterling Silver, 8″

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Product Description

Nothing say’s Chesapeake Bay like our own exclusive Chesapeake Bay bracelet. Presented here in solid .925 Sterling Silver, this bracelet includes all of our original collection pieces that we started with 35 years ago. Starting from left to right we have a Mallard with a genuine Ruby eye, then of course our famous Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab coupled to our open oyster clutching a cultured pearl. Next in the set, the Iconic Chesapeake Bay Skipjack followed by a stylish Crab Pot with a crab inside. Rounding it out is a waterman’s deadrise workboat with a Blue Topaz. Last to hold it all together, a crab claw. Bracelet measure’s 8″ and because each item is hand made, hand assembled and hand finished each bracelet is a One of a kind.


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