Chesapeake Doubler Crab Pendant, Sterling Silver 1″


Celebrate crab love the way it really happens. The male crab is holding and protecting his she-crab soulmate while she is vulnerable having recently molted. Also known as cuddling. Sounds pretty romantic to us. Our Chesapeake Doubler Crab Pendant is cast in fine Sterling Silver and measures about 1 inch.


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Chesapeake Doubler Crab Pendant, Sterling Silver 1″. So what is a “doubler” crab? A doubler crab is catching a mating pair of blue crabs together. The male surrounds the female beneath him while she moults or shed’s her crustaceous old coat for a new one. It means he care’s for his mate and is going to protect her… Say’s a alot don’t it…Many a lady around the bay has been presented one of these as a gift. They know what it represent’s.

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