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Custom pendant Commission Deposit



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Thank you for contacting us and your interest in having us create a new custom Pendant for you. Custom pieces are the most appreciated because You personally took the time to consider the importance of the piece and what it will mean to the wearer for years to come. Nothing is more personal.

The commission process is simple.
  • You purchase a deposit on the commission And provide a good image of your vessel or desired item.
  • After receipt of the deposit and image, We will have a verbal conversation to discuss your ideas and desires for the piece, Likewise we will share any comments that we may have, Upon reaching an understanding, we begin creating your wax model.
  • Note here that most pieces average 1-3/8″ wide by 1″ tall. Our main focus is keeping your piece proportionately correct so size may vary.
  • Upon completion of the wax model we will provide you photographs of the wax model and together will discuss any modifications or other details.
  • We will provide you with a more exact price for casting the piece
  • With your approval, the model will be metal cast and then finished.
  • After casting we will contact you and provide photographs of the metal cast piece as well as request a final payment for the completed piece.
  • Upon receipt of payment, The finished piece is sent to you via USPS Priority service including insurance and tracking.
  • The commission contract is complete.
Usually the entire process takes about 2-3 weeks from deposit to delivery
We can be reached by phone @ (302) 381-4651 if you’d like to call and get this going for you.
Please note that if you desire a piece larger than the usual 1-3/8″ wide, or a piece that’s very detailed (such as the Lady Renee) then likewise, we may require a greater deposit and likewise your finished piece will cost more because there’s more metal involved. The Lady Renee measure’s 2″ wide x 2″ tall and was created to be worn as a slide pendant. Her commission price was a $250 deposit + $250 for the finished piece.
Attached are some photographs of various other commission pieces that we have done.
Most importantly keep in mind that the carved wax model itself may not be the most attractive thing you’ve ever seen, Do not be concerned about this, It’s normal and they all start this way.
Upon completion of the wax model, we will provide you with photo’s of your piece. We will discuss Our thoughts and suggestions &,  YOUR thoughts and suggestions.
Any modifications or other considerations will be incorporated and then resubmitted for review.
Upon having your approval, we will provide you with a quote for the price of the final piece depending on  your choice of metal. Usually $150-$200.00 for Sterling Silver.
For 14k Gold, we can only provide an estimate which could range from $500 to $1260.00 depending on how much metal is required. We will not know this until we have the completed wax model.
An additional deposit of 50% of the estimated item(s) estimated cast price will be required prior to casting any metal.
If you have any questions Please contact Melissa or myself directly at (302) 381-4651 or (410) 251-0394
Thank You, We look forward to working with you to create your very own, beautiful new custom piece of jewelry.



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